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  • Steve Jones , VP/Programming Newcap Radio
    Paige Nienaber makes our team more creative, brave, and bold, and makes our stations more successful. You wouldn't want to be in a radio battle against him, so hire him before your competitor does.
    Despite his sketchy criminal past, Paige Nienaber simply makes our radio stations better in every respect. And he's stolen surprisingly few office supplies from us.
    Paige Nienaber is the top promotions consultant in the African nation of Namibia. What do the Namibians know that you don't?
  • Steven J Goldstein, Executive Vice President - Saga Communications
    Paige is able to cut through a lot of the corporate thinking and get us back to listener first, and fun first.
  • Annmarie Topel, Market Manager - Saga Communications/Milwaukee.
    There are things in life that are irritating but necessary—like pulling Styrofoam packing from a box. Paige Nienaber is kind of like that Styrofoam. In a world cluttered with entertainment options, you need a creative engine to stand out. It’s insurance that your product will survive. Paige helps us cut thru the clutter with ideas that make noise and create a stir. He delivers the unthinkable, sometimes the undo-able, but never the cliché. Milwaukee Radio Group brought Paige on for a short run to assist us in the creative department. He has now become part of our fabric and what we consider a necessary tool in separating us from all the choices out there. He has given us money-making, stand-out ideas… with a side of irritation. You gotta love him—and for $7.25 an hour, he’s a steal.

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