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It’s all about looking for something that hasn’t been done before, and that will get people talking.

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Because sometimes when it’s over, all we have are our photos. And sometimes matchbooks and rashes.


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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas
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The Hot Hit; one of the biggest ratings juicers yet.



With over a hundred radio stations and 1000+ people around the globe part of The Worldwide CPR Love Network (tm pending), it’s always nice to recognize someone who is getting paid wages scoffed at by a Piggly Wiggly bagger.

Every day stations are creating great content that 10’s 1000’s of listeners will see before I can pull myself away from “Clarissa Explains It All On Telemundo” to post it. Here’s another example.

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Meet everyone behind the scenes at the Dave Ryan Show

You've gotten to know Dave, Steve-O and Falen pretty well over the years, but what you don't hear on the radio every morning is a huge group of incredible people behind the scenes that help us sound great every morning...everyone from the person that greets us in the reception area to our bosses that help program the radio station...and everyone in between. Let's meet some of them: