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  • Paige Nienaber

Following a long brainstorming call with stations, I’ll often get asked “Geez, where do all those ideas come from?” It’s not a simple answer.


At the age of two I was deemed “The Smartest Toddler In Minnesota History” by my mother and the Standardized Testing Division at St. Olaf College. The next couple of years were a blur of seminars and symposiums where the audiences were wowed by my acumen and sheer brilliance.


By four and with the nudging and mentoring of a kindly old professor at Georgetown, I’d focused my attention on paleontology and a quest to refute the Sauropods vs. Ornithopods theory that only vertebrates were capable of scavenging.


On a hot summer day, on a dig in Utah, an unsecured tip on a college interns rock pick hit me askance on my head while I was wiping the late morning sweat from my brow.


I came to with club nights and bar nights and morning show stunts and a myriad of cash contesting ideas running through my head. Plus the sudden ability to figure out what a 6% tip on a lunch bill would be. Boom. It had to be Radio, which is where I’ve been ever since that 8 year stay at Children’s in St. Paul.


And now you know the rest of the story.


  • Patrick Davis, Operations Manager, iHeart/Dallas
    If you want to make a lasting impression and create noise…Paige is your man!
  • Rob Mise , General Manager, My Broadcasting Corporation
    Paige is a good guy. Obviously it's natural to be skeptical about anything you read on the internet. I've bought fitness programs before and they ended up being terrible.
  • Ken West, Program Director 105.7 WROR/ALT 92.9 Boston
    Once upon a time, Radio was fun. With Paige, it still is! Whether you need quick ideas, topical bits, ways to involve clients, or just a clever name for something, Paige is your man. Hopefully, he’ll never regain his sanity.
  • Joey Tack, Program Director, Hot 104.5/Knoxville
    You know how sometimes you can’t, no matter how hard you try, open a jar of pickles? It’s just stuck. But then you grab a wet, dirty dish rag to help get a grip on things and VOILA --- pickles! Paige Nienaber is the dirty dish rag of radio promotions. Whenever we’re stuck and need that ONE idea to unlock a killer promotion, he comes through!
  • Steve Jones , VP/Programming Newcap Radio
    Paige Nienaber makes our team more creative, brave, and bold, and makes our stations more successful. You wouldn't want to be in a radio battle against him, so hire him before your competitor does.
    Despite his sketchy criminal past, Paige Nienaber simply makes our radio stations better in every respect. And he's stolen surprisingly few office supplies from us.
    Paige Nienaber is the top promotions consultant in the African nation of Namibia. What do the Namibians know that you don't?
  • Margaret Loubser, Senior Manager - Programming Radiowave 96.7 FM
    Some may wish to keep him in a box but Paige operates best outside of it. Think of any promotion or on air stunt that's been a huge success and chances are they're the brainchild of Paige.
    He has a powerful and creative mind and knows how to roll out the concepts effortlessly. He understands how the on air side of a station works and knows exactly how to create water cooler talk.
    Paige has been a great addition to the Radiowave team .
    Best thing is he has two amazing daughters with a great sense of humor and if he really wants to provide the world a great service he'll train them to take over from him so that radio NEVER has a dull moment.
  • Ronnie Stanton, Operations Manager Astral Radio Vancouver
    Paige is insane - in a good way! He is energetic, always on topic and has an instinctual knack for knowing the play in any given situation that can make your station pop through its promotions and stunts.
  • M. Lewis Sauerwein, VO’s
    You ask many questions and yet you still fail to answer much. I spent my time answering you questions here, and even at the suggestion of my fellow patriots that I am wasting my time. Well, at this point- I must agree with them. Plus, the one comment you made (which was removed btw) where "you were laughing your ass off" at all this is reason enough for me to block you from entering any further comments. If you see this all as some sort of JOKE- then we don't need any more of your comments. It is YOUR attitude among so many in the USA that has caused this country to go straight to hell morally and ethically. You should be TOTALLY ASHAMED of yourself. You are a disgrace Paige Nienaber to the USA and to God. Good luck with your idiocy - YOU'RE GONNA NEED IT. Now- get the hell off my post- parasite.
  • Joel Denver, President of All Access.com.
    Paige Nienaber is truly one of the promotional geniuses of our time despite having a difficult name — with an asexual origin — to pronounce. His twisted mind is always working overtime. We are proud to carry his/her/its reports on AllAccess.com each day. And, if you subscribe to the service, you’ll find it’s worth many times more than the toilet paper it’s printed on — which allows you to double-purpose it!
  • Dave Ryan, KDWB
    There is only a handful of people in this business who come up with the majority of fresh ideas, and Paige is one of them. I call Paige an ‘evil genius’ because his ideas truly take things to the next level
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