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The Service

CPR Services

The sole purpose of C.P.R. is to provide the PD’s, Promotions staff and Sales people with the best new ideas available. And there aren’t a lot of those floating around the industry anymore. It’s all about looking for something that hasn’t been done before, and that will get people talking. When their competition is doing Win It Before You Can Buy It, our stations want to look beyond 1982 and try to find the new Millenium’s version of that tired old promotion.

In Miami, Power 96 did “Steal It Before You Can Buy It” and had listeners “hacking into Ticketmaster” where they downloaded concert tickets. C.P.R. clients have always been seen as being on the cutting edge of marketing. If there’s a hot new idea in Radio, historically it’s often been at one of our stations. We also recognize that every station and every market is different, and we take that into account when tailoring campaigns for the clients. What would work gang-busters for Maxima 92.5, our Spanish language station in Tampa, would fall upon deaf ears with the audience of 106.1 Kiss-FM in Dallas.
This is a market exclusive service.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Your cluster would receive 24/7 access to Paige Nienaber and C.P.R.’s VP/Fun ‘N Games. I’m available to clients for problem solving, brainstorming and idea generating. This works for both Programming and Sales. If the PD needs 50 ideas for Thanksgiving, I have them and deliver them through (almost) daily e-mails called Promotions Paiges. If it’s 4:30 pm on Friday and you’re looking for a hook for Halloween Weekend; call Paige. Conversely, the Sales Managers and AE’s can call me at any time for help with client driven promotions. A hair salon has an advertising budget and needs something by five? Call Paige. I work closely with the National Sales Managers, helping them to re-tool and re-work some of the horrible stuff that comes from the agencies. This helps them in delivering quality promotions to their clients that not only works for them, but also works for the station. (What a concept.) This works for the PD because he/she won’t be driving into work and hearing client-sponsored “Milk Trivia” on the morning show.

It’s all about ideas. Whoever has the best ideas usually wins. Unless they’re playing a lot of stiffs. This is an industry that is mired in Family Four-Packs, key-turning car giveaways and on-air weddings for Valentines Day. Which is why the service works for the stations that are progressive enough to realize that it’s what’s between the songs that make’s all the difference in competitive battles.


I serve as a coach to the Promotion Directors in the chain, many of whom came up through the system as assistants and this is their first director’s gig. I often will fly in and spend time with them as they seg into the position. I also spend extra time with them on the phone, working with them and helping them as they get settled.

Additonal Bennies

Each day’s eblast to the clients is added into a password protected database that can be accessed and searched using key words. So, if you are meeting with Bob The Car Dealer (because all car dealers are named “Bob”) and he wants to do something with back to school, whip out your device and have twenty ideas immediately available.

All of this. Like having a Marketing Director whose only job is to be creative. And at a fraction of the cost of having a van driver. Gee. You couldn’t do this in Russia. Which makes me so proud to be an American.

Brainstorming and Traveling

One of the regular functions of my job with C.P.R. is market visits. These are multi-day stops where I spend time individually with the Promotion Director, Program Director and Sales Managers, and also do a cattle-call where the AE’s all get 30 minutes each with me, plowing through pending avails and problem clients. I also get away from the station with the airstaff and focus on new features, bits, contests and promotions for their individual shifts. The visit wraps up with a mega-away-from-the-station brainstorming session where we plan out 6 months ahead of time. This is usually done at the hotel pool, a bar, the PD’s house or anyplace that’s conducive to creativity.
In the Spring, I'm on the road doing Street School at CPR stations. This is a day-long seminar focused on teaching the promo staff and summer interns how to represent the station appropriately and effectively while out in the community. Customer Service training for lack of a better term.
  • KISS 106.1 Dallas
  • Beasley Broadcasting
  • Cumulus Syracuse
  • Hot 89.9 Ottowa
  • 95.7 Grand Rapids
  • Hot 98.1 Greenville
  • Hot 101.5 Denver
  • Hubbard Broadcasting
  • hudson valley clear channel
  • KKMG 98.9 Magic FM
  • KLUC 98.5 Las Vegas
  • KSON San Diego
  • KOB FM 93.3 Albuquerque
  • KZIA Z102.9 Cedar Rapids
  • Magic Broadcasting
  • Newcap Broadcasting
  • Radio Mankato
  • Q107.5 Memphis
  • Radio Fargo-Moorhead
  • townsquare media
  • wqal 104.1 fm cleveland
  • Z-100/Portland
  • 93.1 the wolf greensboro
  • Radiowave Namibia
  • Jammin 107.7
  • Radio One Richmond